By Scott M. Syat, Esq.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a client with or without private health insurance where having Medical Payments Coverage would have helped them see more money in their pocket at the resolution of their cases.

I encourage you to call your auto insurance agent and GET MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE NOW!!!

Medical Payments Coverage or “MedPay” is an optional coverage which, when applicable, can help pay for medical bills and/or medical provider and insurance liens.

What people don’t know is that the optional coverage is dirt cheap! You can have $25,000.00 in MedPay for as little as $2 per month…maybe less!

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but believe me (another sales pitch sound byte), if you can ever access the coverage, you will be happy you did.

In the circumstance that you do not have private health insurance, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits will pay all reasonable medical expenses and 75% of lost wages up to $8,000.00. In the worst case scenario, if your wages alone exceed $12,000.00, you will use up all of your PIP benefits; and will have no coverage to pay for your medical bills. Your medical bills will remain outstanding and will need to be satisfied through settlement or verdict proceeds.

If, however, you have MedPay, that coverage will cover those bills and your proceeds after attorneys fees and expenses will not be touched (assuming the bills don’t exceed your MedPay coverage).

If your lost wages aren’t as high, you will have the benefit of PIP to pay toward your medical bills and MedPay will supplement the difference (in medical bills).

MedPay can also cover deductibles and co-payments if PIP is exhausted.


You’ll thank me one day!