Do you want to protect yourself from someone who not only drives like an idiot, but was also an idiot when it came to buying auto insurance? To make matters worse, if you don’t protect yourself with your own coverage, you could find yourself unable to fix your car or replace it; and not be fully compensated for your injuries.

Let’s say you’re waiting patiently at a red light. Suddenly and without warning, Joe Idiot, fails to stop and crashes into the back of your car. Your car is towed from the scene and deemed a total loss. Joe Idiot, trying to save money, did not purchase collision coverage for someone he hits. Thanks to Joe Idiot, you will need to access your own collision coverage to reimburse you for your car so you can purchase a new one. If you were like Joe Idiot when you signed up for coverage, and you didn’t purchase collision coverage, guess what? You will have $0 to replace your vehicle. And forget about a rental car or tow coverage because Joe Idiot most certainly did not purchase rental or towing coverage and most likely neither did you in this scenario.

Now, your car is totaled, and you have no money to get a rental or buy a new car. You are injured badly and between your ambulance treatment and all the tests and treatment at the emergency room, your initial medical bills are over $20,000.00. You are injured and you have contacted me to represent you. After hearing back from Joe Idiot’s insurance company, I tell you Joe bought the minimum insurance policy which will max out at $20,000.00. What can you do?

If you have read any of my other fantastic blogs, you would have already read about purchasing UNDERINSURANCE COVERAGE which, at no penalty to you, would take the place of Joe Idiot and add to the available coverage. For example, if you purchased the OPTIONAL $100,000.00 in Underinsurance coverage for yourself, you will be able to access an additional $80,000.00 for your claim without your insurance premium going up. If you didn’t purchase the optional underinsurance coverage, you will be stuck with Joe’s $20,000.00 policy which will far from compensate you.

How about an even worse situation? What if Joe Idiot had been driving without insurance on his car. If you have no collision coverage on your car, you will have $0 to fix or replace it. Every policy has UNINSURANCE COVERAGE, but the minimum is $20,000.00. If you purchased OPTIONAL $100,000.00 UNINSURANCE COVERAGE, you would have access to the $100,000.00 policy with no premium penalty to you.

These coverages purchased by you, COLLISION, RENTAL, UNDERINSURANCE AND UNINSURANCE will all protect you from Joe Idiot and give you peace of mind before another idiot hits you. You can purchase higher optional coverages than the ones described for small money.

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