So you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. You are shaken up and stressed out. What do you do?

1. Call the Police.

Even if you can drive your vehicle after the accident, you want to have a police officer at the scene to help you record the events as they took place, exchange the information of the parties involved, and arrange for medical treatment via ambulance, if necessary.

2. Take Pictures

Following the accident, if you are physically able, take pictures of the following:

(a) The other party’s license;

(b) The other party’s registration;

(c) The other party’s license plate

(d) The other party’s vehicle (all angles, preferably wider angles over close ups)

(e) Both vehicles together if they are still attached to show the place of impact on the roadway;

(f) Your vehicle;

(g) Any witness, their license, license plate and any other identifying information like a phone number written on a piece of paper;

(h) The tow truck showing the company name and number;

(i) The police officer

(j) The police car

(k) The scene of the accident;

(l) The street signs surrounding the accident scene

(m) Any lights controlling the scene of the accident;

(n) Any stop signs controlling the scene of the accident’

(o) Your injuries

(p) Your passenger’s injuries;

(q) The other party, including his shoes or lack thereof’

(r) The other party’s injuries, if visible.

3. Call your Attorney

Find out from an attorney what your rights are and what is needed to pursue a claim or to process your medical bills

4. Call your Insurance Company

Let them know you were in an accident. Be general with your account of the accident. For example, “Someone rear ended me”. After that, tell them you have an attorney and give them his or her name.

5. Follow your Attorney’s Advice

Meet with your attorney. Discuss your concerns. Listen to your attorney’s advice.

You are officially protected.